ASEAN economic end of 2015 was a wish or a curse?

ASEAN Economic Community will be processed by the end of 2015. The purpose of the ASEAN Economic Community ASEAN becomes a single market and production base, together to promote the region to be competitive and have a strong economic momentum than before. ASEAN Economic Community provides substantial opportunities. But not many can benefit. Cambodia is facing a large number of foreign companies to grab market in Cambodia and Khmer workforce may also go to the company rather than working for foreign companies Khmer.
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN was established in 1967 in Thailand. Older members of the ASEAN-6 countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. 4 new members such as Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. ASEAN is the youngest, who has decided to become a member after the first in 1999.
It should be noted that 48 years after the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community, ASEAN will be established by the end of 2015. ASEAN Economic Community to allow: 1 free flow of goods. 2 free flow of services. 3, the free flow of investment. Capital flows freely 4th 5th and the free flow of skilled labor. ASEAN countries will gain from the economic integration of ASEAN and Cambodia, which is the poorest country in ASEAN can benefit or loss of mutual benefit from the ASEAN community?
For questions 1, most of the multinational companies in the survey consider that the ASEAN Economic Community will provide more opportunities for ASEAN countries threatening the whole. Companies can benefit from the joint economic openness. ASEAN may attract investors both inside and outside the region, much more.
Some figures show that from 1999 to 2012, the ASEAN region, which has some 620 million citizens had an average growth rate of 5.5%, boosting gross domestic product worth 3 trillion million. Forecasts show that the number of middle class families in ASEAN will increase from 40 million households in 2010 to 85 million households in 2017. According to the report of the Institute of Training and Research for Development.  
ASEAN is currently greater chance to build themselves up to become a larger production center more because of low-cost labor force and labor force growth in China. At the same time opportunities can also be downloaded from the ASEAN Economic Community. Past recent study showed that the ASEAN Economic Community will help Cambodia's gross domestic product increased by 4.5%, exports increased by more than 5%, and private investment will be increased by nearly 25%.
Although some studies show that can pull open new opportunities for ASEAN economies are also a number of concerns have been raised as well as the same time. Human capital and education levels in the country after almost every country in the region means that human resources can not compete with the resources of the ASEAN countries. Shortage of skilled labor market. Cambodia's poorest countries do not have enough capacity to produce. Cambodia produces minimal compared to its use.
Another point of concern is that competition between the Khmer and foreign companies. Some analysts warned in advance that some of the Khmer family business fundamentals have faced the specific bahcheung the other, because foreign companies International standards will come into the market more.
Not only consumer Khmer Khmer staff salaries is not enough, do not respect labor laws could face labor shortages because Foreign staff will take good things from the Khmer standards. Not only large foreign companies that used to sell wholesale to retailers Khmer could be stationed in Cambodia, and compete with local business Khmer once. If this phenomenon can occur, then Khmer business rely on foreign companies in the region could face a multitude of losses.
Cambodia might be able to get the maximum benefit from the ASEAN economic community must make a number of reforms, including: 1, to improve the investment climate. 2, to strengthen the production of local goods. 3, investment in human capital and 4 strengthen how local leaders. If you can apply the above principles and ASEAN Economic Community is wished Cambodia is to say, not a curse.