How Consumer Insights Can Turbo Charge Your Brand's Marketing

Consumer insights are where user interest meets brand values. They are essentially the bridge between vital information and the creative team that will mold it into a successful advertisement. Every piece of data can spark an infinite number of ideas for creating a campaign. After all, it’s useful to know that women feel naked without makeup when you’re working with a cosmetics client, or that consumers find milk an essential part of their day, thanks to the famous “Got Milk?” ads.
Since these nuggets of knowledge can make or break the relevancy of an entire campaign, they should be handled in a precise manner. Here’s how you can tackle the world of insights and come out with a successful marketing plan.

Before you begin

You can’t just dive into the pile of data and hope to come out with a relevant fact or figure. There are a few things you need to establish first.
What is your main objective? Since different campaigns can accomplish various objectives, you’ll need to figure out what the intentions of this campaign are: increase sales, boost brand advocacy, target a new demographic, etc.
What messaging are you aiming for? In order to make your campaign stand out from previous ones, consider the types of communication you will use to reach your objective. This includes everything from your voice to the statement you’re making.
Whom will you target? Define your target beyond how they’ll help you reach your objective. Questioning how to get them involved with your brand will be your key to campaign success.
Once you have the answers to these questions, you can begin the fun part: research.
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Examine the current situation.

Now that you have a basic roadmap for your campaign, you’ll need to dig deeper into industry trends, your target market, and how you stand against the competition. Discuss not only what worked in past promotions, but also how your customers will react to in your current marketing plan. If you need help, there are some great ways to figure these questions out: Read More