Journalists as development partners of the society!

In some Communist leaders regard journalists as enemies. This means that in the eyes of their journalists is interfering in their internal affairs. But in a democratic society, journalists are considered as social observers as observers or as a mirror for society to reflect damage themselves to dosakael . While officials in some Communist regard journalists as an enemy or an irritating character in a liberal democratic society here Journalists considered a developing country partners boast. Why did the media partnership development?
In a democratic society, the government maintains a number of budget packages for the state media. For example, Voice of America and Radio France International. Two newspapers received two economic budgets these media have the responsibility and the role and independence of the press can criticize or praise its government based on facts For example, with respect to journalism.
Government funding to the state media, but the government had no right and no effect on the press. Another simple way is that the non-financial and press them into a separate political tool.
State media did not make the service of the government, but to serve their citizens, because the budget for the state-run media they seem to be out of the state budget, but In fact, the source of it from the citizen's tax return. So back state media, but must serve the people, the voters and the owner. Short means that citizens hire journalists to monitor the management of the entire state to make sure that it works properly? Government officials have done the MOU,?
In a free society, most officials understand that they are public officials who are serving the interests of citizens, so every state must be present and journalists Journalists reported to the people who own and vote. Journalists are not harassment, but they are in a position to serve citizens who want to know about the activities of government officials.
For example, when the governors want to invest in a casino in his place, people want to know from the casino project. That is why governors have decided to build a casino? What are the benefits for the province and the society? What is the impact on society?
All of these questions are not journalists want to know, but the people you want to know, so that people realize is crossing this bridge, a journalism career. For example, the above point, in a free society can not think that this governor is internal or private. Moreover, governors can not deny this information.
In a democratic society, officials are not thought to have escaped from the idea because the journalists when they hold high positions automatically, they must respond to the question of journalists, the apostle of the people. If officials do not want to interfere unless the official media not to be in senior positions, which receives support from people. In addition, officials will press officer can be mysterious. People can give the position back, senior officials could not hide their activities to serve the people. Transparency in the dark is a mystery and is suspicious.
In short, in a society not as a social democratic society or a free half or a socialist or communist society, media role invaluable in contributing to the development of a country in the path of justice, no corruption, no clean-partisan and have a good moral..
Depending on the specific aspects of human society, and it's always good and bad. Journalists and its primary role is to promote individual honor model hunt bad person. Through this hunt, and that can make a society ever more bad change to a lot of good people. Not only is a distribution platform media training information exchange intellectual ideas considered and an entertainment venue.
A presence in social media can help promote the more people want to do good through published and incentives to reduce the number of people who commit evil through published constructive criticism. Without the presence of the press or career progress is slow and full of irregularities. On the contrary, in a country with a rich media or the fastest developing. Journalists are not the enemy of society, but as a development partner.