The media interview

Well, to give an interview the full benefit of the readers, listeners or viewers interview interview must clearly understand the content of the subject to avoid the question or answer that led you to follow up any unnecessary awkward hard to know how that interview actually want to talk about what they finally decided to give up or tracking its interest.

In addition, you have to interview you gave an interview to clear levels of skills, talents and abilities and other features need to know whether the subject should invite speakers Avoid interview as each speaker is capable of multi-skills of all things that make the loss of value of the interview.

Likewise, you also need to know ourselves interview whether its subject, whether or not in line with their skills or not, and it's its jurisdiction to answer or not avoiding considered himself capable of multi-skills and claimed the role of institutions such as the wrong answer opinion personal claim to represent any institution which makes a misunderstanding of the institution's position.

So far, we have seen some doctors and analysts with expertise in law, literature, history turn gave an interview regarding these skills, and we also see that Some Excellency to give individual interviews or opinion research claiming personal self-involved role or example institutions.

Journalism is a two-edged weapon can make you listen to readers or viewers to access information, knowledge, of course, the real news facts ... but it is also a real-inflated painted or information can make you listen to mislead readers or viewers confused and misunderstood by journalists and interview incompetent lack of ethics and lack of expertise Exactly.