Why Millennials in the Workplace 'Don't Care,' and 4 Things You Can Do

I’m 30, an ex-corporate executive (at BlackBerry) and now the CEO of a business-collaboration tech startup. I know a thing or two about millennials at work because I am one; and I’ve managed several. If you are struggling with how best to engage millennials at work, read on: This piece is for you.
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Throughout my experience, I’ve learned about why, sometimes, our generation doesn’t seem "to care," and I'd like to explain to our elders what's really going on. So, here goes. . .

1. We don’t value 20th century workplace rules.

Rigid office hours? Strict dress codes? Meetings to talk about meetings? The “legacy-effect” of traditions, language that sounds like corporate-speak and outdated practices are all hard for us to stomach. If the only reason why something is done a certain way at work is that “it’s always been done that way,” you'll lose us. We are a generation of hackers, tinkerers and shortcut takers. We want the best, most efficient and logical approach. Does your company have rules and policies “just because"?
What you can do about it. Poll the team: What policies need to go? What processes need to be improved? How can the company improve its culture? Read More