Khmer doctors and analysts this?

If they have heard and read local news media, including foreign radio VOA about social and political issues, they rarely did unheard analysts repeatedly Kem Ley Vanna Sok Touch Lao Mong Hay, Ou Virak.
Said real thing is doctors can analyze to evaluate and recommend or almost every thing can say that all questions Reporters asked whether any port they can answer.
Honestly, some analysts trying to answer the question that a number of journalists, while journalists also already know that after the question is this analyst or that will be the answer to be like this or like that.
 In fact, their doctors or those analysts are their own specific skills to do commentary with journalists, but the problem is that sometimes he was forced to suggest, as some journalists Lack of experts to talk about what they want.  
However, more or less, analysts' comments words have indeed contributed significantly in the development of mental problems citizens through news articles that quoted journalists to publish . But by far not enough. Please do not forget that in a society is always the problem of hundreds of chapters and to resolve these issues were divided into groups of experts to deal with each part. For example, police security problems teachers deal with ignorance..
Back to continue with the team's media commentator Dr. upper and many analysts are still useful for society, but what ought to start new Another is openly explained by experts from the University doctorate.
Political Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. literary history sociology doctoral law ... should begin to speak openly with the media and put their comments in a technician.
Many people suggested solution much anything people as readers, listeners and viewers will not get more knowledge, and when people have more knowledge about what the nation would not be profitable?
So enough time and doctoral universities secretly made comments with journalists.