Why 13 major obstacles to Cambodia's anti-corruption

Corruption in the country occurred simultaneous political regime, and even many of the Pol Pot regime, and corruption. As long as you and bribe officials promoted and kept by the bribe money and still have the right to make the decision official evaluation and rights judge taking bribes to receive those services as long as it is still corruption. In response to the corruption, the Royal Government of Cambodia established the Law and the Anti-Corruption Unit, but despite this, corruption seems to diminish. What was the main reason of corruption does not diminish?
So far, a lot of corruption in the country did not diminish, despite government efforts to curb the participation and monitoring criticized improve the public sector, civil society opposition Private and international parties. In fact, corruption in the country, just change the shape of the show open collector or bargaining in public and secretly or bargaining demands mystery. As long as you bribe law enforcement authorities assess coordinator, you have the right to make the decision and decide whether critics are corrupt people as long as it can not eliminate or reduce corruption.
Through analysis of the philosophy and social reality of Khmer major reasons that lead to corruption difficult to crack down as follows:
1. Corruption occurs in a long time and have deep roots in Khmer society
2. A large number of people so far considered that corruption is a legal action, saying corruption is its culture through words such as' not okay to eat Enough salary, when my kids graduate, I want it to work where fat, 'What is your job to make money or not? .. . These past Khmer people talk openly and honestly. Please note that where fat is a place that can earn outlawed, such as finance, tax, customs cadastral passport ...
3. state how to perform law enforcement salary management leadership and political situation in the country, causing corruption conditions held easily and have a long-term existence
4. So far, the competent authorities and officials not only failed to curb corruption, but also support the protection cover and doing well
5. Corruption is systematic and consistent from top to bottom
6. corruption has always been exempt from the charges, not guilty they live with abundance of fun and a series of successful and admired and modeled more
7. You and you always trauvrauv and corruption skillfully hid
8. Anti-Corruption Unit was still weak in the small things and manager was accused of anti-corruption law enforcement, discrimination and power to follow the influence of political power individuals and their factional power
9. Courts of Cambodia has been accused of not independent, and the judge has been accused of bias toward people who have a lot of money is greater than their relatives or factions
10. The declaration of assets of civil servants of the past just made to their property collected by corruption, became the only legitimate assets, it did not contribute to curb corruption No
11. Corruption is considered an important way to collect money to strengthen the status of the individual and the political power of the Communist Party (the largest individual opposition party larger than the state)
12. The ruling party has been accused in the suspense is not afraid to use the anti-corruption law and using metal hands to get rid of the corrupt people, your relatives its officials and members of his own party
13. The criticism that you can crack down on corruption corruption

Because this corruption, and that resulted in more criminal impunity injustice, social inequality, ineffective management, no effect, irregularities in the evaluation and award contest, conflict interests, hindering the development of the national economy, poverty, law or no law as a tool of rich and unruly, the poor and the weak become victims, bonyasakde greater degree less cost ....