Bad habits of other people do not care about

When there is no state of human society to live and do things based on social norms, traditional customs, religion and morality. From the state of human society is governed by laws and social norms. Generally, the law was supposed to be good and has been forced to that all the people in the state must be respected. Likewise, the social norms are also considered good and forcing members of society must be respected. In fact, state law and social norms are far short the same or worse, depending on the will of the creator's ability to create the basis of the creation of the purpose of the establishment and law enforcement and social talk.
Social indispensable nor indispensable social norms, because the scope of the law can not cover a vast scope of social behavior. However, it does not mean that we have to fully respect the social norms without review and consideration. Means any social norms must accept the negative social norms must be rejected. Currently, we have observed a lot of bad habits that should be avoided. In this article we have taken only one show is a bad habit of not bother others. We would like to show each of the following sectors:

1. Management and leadership: We noticed that you have power and less attention to leaders and visit ordinary people's livelihood as well as their own officials. They think make their lives easier and can keep their power or position long-term. Actual salaries of thousands of dollars a month, lawmakers have a car ride regime gasoline meeting a money mission also has a lot of money as well as many other projects . Minor official salary is less money, no gasoline, no regime mission, and is even less money percent. Mission loneliness money too slow and too little.

2. administration: administrative services officials generally do not care about accuracy difficult to wait for people to get services. In many cases, administration officials complete birth date or the wrong place, and is not responsible, but also forced the victim to accept the document, which also wrong . In addition, the trick of making you wait too long and complicated to money because those who pay their outlawed get files faster and easier to complete.

3. Traffic and Order: Most people do not care about others and do not respect traffic laws. They encroachment of driving where possible, such as pressed regardless of the lane marker signs and traffic lights sometimes despite the car's impossible, yet they still pressed to stop blocking the path to a small motorcycle or bicycle traffic. But taxi tuk and some Taxi drivers stopped or parked their vehicles during rush in where, regardless of its traffic congestion because they . Likewise, most of the shops or restaurants owners public street where the baggage or cargo or its parking Goncharov no way for walking push them go down to the streets driving so suffered accidents often. For the traffic police, they took money from motorists who commit illegal in return for allowing those delinquent traffic on the streets and cars driving in prohibited or restricted to traffic congestion and accidents often.

4. Health: Due to the influence of other people do not care about this, and we have observed a number of health officials and doctors are less regardless of the moral life of man professional and visit the victims and their patients became a solid performance that no rational and think big money problems. So far, major government hospitals are paid for services paid less attention to the doctor to receive this free service only mild disease patients are heavy They just wait for death row. In addition, a medical doctor incompetent late medical quality and use are also present in the private clinic and pharmacy market, which makes heavy impact Khmer people's health.

5. Veterinary trade Customs Camcontrol: Because regardless of others, leading to some officials related to these areas, let alone the amount of particles such vegetables, fruits Some fish meat with chemicals exceed safe levels flowing from neighboring countries come to market that make a great impact to the health of the Khmer people.

6. The authorities and the courts: Because of the influence of other people do not care to almost all authorities and court officials compromised or biased toward factional power and money relatives, regardless of the factual accuracy or justice has led to suffering and injustice they finally lose faith on the judicial authorities and officials and forced to solve problems In addition to the legal system.

Addressing a bad habit this corner does not mean Khmer society filled with black Ngin all, but just to show that bad habits This really is present in Khmer society. To solve this problem we need to correct bad habits and strict law enforcement.